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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunny Saturday

I just finishd a big purge of my hard drive. I find big purges don't do much. No matter how much crap I gather up, I find I only free up around 1 gig or so. I have this theory, that no matter how much work you delete, Windows just kinds of gathers up a bunch of background stuff, and the only way to do a true purge is just to eventually get a new computer. I'm thinking about getting a new computer, but not now. Maybe in a few months. They all come with Windows Vista now, and it'd be best to wait for all the bugs to get worked out.

But on to happier things! It's Saturday, and I got to watch The Batman. I've blogged about it before...the best way to describe it is "Ultimate Batman." They made Batman younger, and revised all the villains' origins appropriatly. This morning was one of the most anticipated episodes since the show began. The episode: Two of a Kind. The hook: the origin of Ultimate Harley Quinn.

What made the episode truly nerd-tacular was the fact that it was written by Paul Dini, Harley Quinn's co-creator. The creators of The Batman said they sought out Dini to write it because "who better?"

This time around, Dr. Harlene Quinzel is a pop psychologist (ie Dr. Phil) with a mediocre talk show called Hart 2 Hart with Harley. She's gotten a bad reputation because she's not a very good psychologist. However, that's exactly the reason why it's the Joker's favourite show. Anyway, a ratings stunt, involving a public humiliation of Bruce Wayne, results in Hart 2 Hart with Harley getting cancelled. And this leads to the Joker hatching a plot....

The Joker seeks out the despondent Harelen Quinzel, and resolves to cheer her up. Harlene goes along, figuring a tell-all book detailing the Joker's psychological profile would lead back to the top...and earn her some much-needed credibility. But, before you know it, it's Harlene who's pouring her heart out to the Joker, and the Joker uses it to bring her to the dark side. They go on a destructive rampage together, but so as not to be recognized and have her reputation damanged further, Harelen adopts the identity of Harley Quinn.

It was pretty good. It was filled with some subtle homages to Harley Quinn's true origin. I dare say it was one of the best episodes this season.

For those curious, Harley Quinn's new voice was provided by Hynden Walch. Perhaps her best known voice acting role to date is Starfire on Teen Titans. Her voice was kinda like Starfire with a Brooklyn accent, and very similar to Harley's original voice.

April 3!

That's when the latest Pokemon movie comes out on DVD! #9 is called Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

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