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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Latest Pixar Sequel/Fast Food in Canada/Canadian on Reality TV

Well, it's official. When Pixar was sold to Disney, Pixar sold their soul.

It was announced yesterday that Pixar's computer animated blockbuster for the summer of 2009 will be....

Toy Story 3.

That's right, the film that started as Disney's way of saying "Fuck you" to Pixar when Pixar threatened to go independent is actually getting made.

The director will be Lee Unkrich, a longtime Pixar editor who served as co-director on Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo. Michael Arndt, the Oscar-nominated writer of Little Miss Sunshine has just been tapped to write the screenplay.

Well, perhaps not all is dark. John Lassetter, the big boss of Pixar and now also Disney Animation, and the director of the first two Toy Stories, said in a statement that, "The best thing about this merger is we can now make the movie we want to make."

Well, statistics for fast food in Canada were released the other day. Being a fast food devotee, I found it interesting.

It turns out that "pizza places" has climbed up to #3 on the list of popular fast food places. The previous #3 was "chicken."

#2 is "hamburgers," you know, your McDonald's and Wendy's and stuff.

And the most popular kind of fast food restaurants in Canada are "bakeries." That may make go, "Wha?" until you remember that "bakeries" includes the cult that is Tim Hortons.

And I've got to talk about the upcoming reality TV show On the Lot.

This is the one from Steven Spielberg and Survivor creator Mark Burnett. Each week, our two teams have to produce a short film of a certain genre of film. The short is screened before a group of Hollywood executives, film credits, and "experts in that genre." Plus, a poll from an audience tells you which one is most popular. The winner gets a development deal at DreamWorks Studios.

Now, I have to highlight this one because, unlike a lot of other reality TV shows, Canadians are allowed to enter!

The deadline is in one week, so if you've got a short film, and want to be a reality TV star, swing on by the official Canadian website at CTV and fill out an application.

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