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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Proof that I'm a Nerd (although, you probably don't need proof....)

Well, it was rumored last week, and today it was officially confirmed. We're getting our new, live-action version of Masters of the Universe.

The movie rights have been snapped up by Joel Silver, the uber-producer who oversaw such classic films as Die Hard, Predator and a little trilogy known as The Matrix.

It's being written by a guy names Justin Marks, who's also currently working on live-action movie version of Green Arrow, Voltron, and Street Fighter, leading one of my movie gossip sites to dub him "the most gainfully employed professional fanboy on the face of the Earth."

Sound good, right? But then I read that Marks' take on the film is...

"300 for kids."




When I plot down my $10 to see a live-action He-Man movie, I want to see:

He-Man riding atop Battle Cat

A Snake Mountain that looks like freakin' Mordor.

Roboto rendered via the glory of motion capture.

I DO NOT want to see a rich, detailed universe shoehorned into a kids version of a popular film.

And damn it! Give us G.I. Joe already!

Wow. On Facebook, I found my best friend from when I was 10 years old. I can just imagine him reading this and going, "Ye gods! Mark hasn't changed...at all!"


And in other news, I noticed that Wikipedia doesn't have an entry on the Burger Family. Looks like I got me a weekend project.

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