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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Ruminations

I love my fast food. And I'm completely fascinated with the concept of breakfast at a fast food place. What can I say? I rarely go for breakfast at fast food places, and when I go, that usual McDonald's has completely changed.... The menus are all flipped around, showing Egg McMuffins instead of Big Macs. It's like the Bizarro McDonald's.

Gotta watch it here. Last time I waxed poetice about fast food breakfasts, I raised the ire of my best friend. But that was because he was on an anti-corporate/anti-McDonald's bent at the time, and that rant was dedicated almost exclusivly to Egg McMuffins. But not this time! There's a whole world of fast food breakfasts out there.

But, it all started with the Egg McMuffin. Introduced in 1972. When it was first presented to McDonald's president Ray Krok, he looked at it and new that McDonald's could finally break into the breakfast market. And the whole trend of fast food breakfasts was born.

Yeah, this started because when I went home for the weekend, I decided to have breakfast on the road, and that meant the McDonald's in Westlock. Something I almost instantly regretted...I had a McGriddle, and those are officially the un-healthiest things on the McDonald's menu.

But yeah. There's a whole wide world of fast food options for those who are up before 11 AM. If you're ever in Subway, try out one of their steak and egg subs. Those are quite good. Stay away from A&W and their Bacon 'n Eggers. A bit too greasy.

Someday, I'll be close enough to a Burger King to try their breakfast stuff. And I see that Tim Hortons is getting in on the game now with their breakfast biscuts.

but I"m sure we can agree on one thing: the fast food hash brown has to be one of the tastiest things ever!

Over the weekend, I learned that one of the best-known technological innovations of the past 10 years turned 10.

The camera cellphone!

It was in 1997, one young computer engineer was expecting the birth of his first child, and then he got a brainstorm as to how to get pictures of his new child out as quick as possible. He sent his assistant out to Radio Shack to get the neccessary parts, wired his digital camera to his cellphone, and wrote the necessary software on his laptop. this was all in the waiting room while his wife was in labour, by the way.

And now, it's pretty much standard equipment. I'll never forget getting my first camera phone. It was in Japan in 2002. They weren't over here yet, so when I first heard about them, I was all like, "That's pointless. Why the heck would you want a camera in your cellphone?" But then I got a lot of use of it. Just about every day, I was taking some picture of some shrine and e-mailing it home and going, "Check this out! This is where I am today!"

Crazy. I still say I've got to get one where I can make movies. And then take advantage of its blurry, low-resolution pictures to fake some Bigfoot footage.

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