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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

There! At Mr. Anderson's urging, I've added something to this blog called "HaloScan." This now lets you leave comments about my blog entries. Just click on the little thing that says "comments" next to the time.

Right now, I'm obsessing on Anne of Green Gables. I often feel somewhat...un-Canadian because I've never read it. True, I've watched the mini-series about a dozen times, but still, I should read the source material.

Thing that really blew my mind in Japan was discovering that Anne of Green Gables had been turned into an anime. Turns out the novel is widely known over there as my junior high teacher led me to believe. But still, people looked at me funny when I asked them if they'd ever read Anne of Green Gables. Once I found out the Japanese title is Anne with Red Hair, then the conversations went much more smoothly.

And now, you can comment on this. Nifty, eh?

Next Issue...Anne: The Continuing Saga 2

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