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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Oh, infinite frustration with Pokemon. Just when I finished my brutal battle against Team Aqua to liberate the Weather Institute, I was ambushed by a wild pokemon on the road to the Pokemon Centre and whited out. Game over! Start over again from the beginning.

Anyway, tonight, I managed to stop in at Drayton Valley's all new Dairy Queen. There was a list of DQ facts on the wall, and among them was the stat "1972 - First Dairy Queen opens in Japan." Naturally, the folks asked, "Did you ever go to Dairy Queen in Japan?" Well, I was always told there was one in close to the Shinjuku station, but no matter how hard I looked, I could never find it.

But this did lead me to miss Green Tea Ice Cream. That flavour was as common as vanilla. If they had vanilla soft ice cream, they had green tea soft ice cream. It was actually pretty good.

Naturally, I'm now wondering why Dairy Queen here in Canada doesn't serve green tea ice cream. I'm thinking I'll send a letter to Dairy Queen asking them to add green tea ice cream to the menu. Hey, if I sent a letter to McDonald's asking for the Teriyaki McBurger to be brought to Canada, I can send a letter to DQ asking for green tea ice cream.

BTW, the manager of the new Drayton Valley Dairy Queen said that next Saturday is their grand opening, and everything will be half price.

Next Issue...The Road to Dewford Town

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