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Saturday, May 29, 2004

I had an insane, brilliant idea tonight. Wanna hear it?

Alberta, as a province, must have the most official symbols out of all the provinces. We have: an official motto (Fortis et Liber), an official coat of arms, an official flag, official colours (blue and gold), an official stone (petrified wood), an official flower (wild rose), an official tree (lodgepole pine), an official grass (rough fescue), an official mammal (bighorn sheep), an official bird (great horned owl), an official fish (bull trout), and, if you ever feel like wearing a kilt, an official tartan. We just got an official song (Alberta, soon to be heard everywhere as part of next year's centennial celebrations), and my Dad (who works in the gravel industry) keeps telling me of a lobby group pushing for an official soil.

Here's my brilliant idea:

Let's have the Albertosaurus declared the official dinosaur of Alberta!

The Albertosaurus (Lizard from Alberta) was first discovered in 1884 by J.D. Tyrrell, the same man that Drumheller's famous Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology was named for. Tyrrell found an Albertosaurus skull in the banks of the Red Deer River, and it was the first significant dinosaur fossil find in the province. It was officially designated the "Albertosaurus" in 1905, the same year we became a province.

The Albertosaurus is a carnivore; in fact, it's a smaller cousin to the world-famous T-Rex. It looks just like a T-Rex, only about half the size. But, they figure that, compared to its larger cousin, the Albetosaurus was probably the fiercer hunter.

So, c'mon! Let's do this! I'm going to write my MLA tomorrow! Maybe not a good idea, seeing as to how my mother ran against him in the last election.... Ehh, I'll do it anyway. This is a hundred dollar idea, folks! Write YOUR MLA today!

I was also going to rant about The Day After Tomorrow and Farenheight 911, but I don't feel like it.

Next Issue...Movie Rants!

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