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Sunday, May 09, 2004

OK, really didn't quit playing Pokemon. I found a place where I could capture a psyduck and I got all obsessed with that. So much so, that it became the topic of the column, Driven to Distraction:

"Must write column…must write column…. Let’s see, what’s in the “Columns to be written” list? That one? No. I need to be in a better mood for that one. How about that one? Too dated. That one? No, it’ll be too long. Must write a column quick. My self-imposed weekly deadline is in 12 hours. Must write a column…. Until inspiration strikes, I think I’ll play Pok√©mon."

Go here and read it all!

And everyone, do my favour. I'd really like to sit down and write some columns tomorrow, so if you could all e-mail me some variation on this message:

"Put down the Game Boy and get back to writing!"

That would be appreciated.

Next Issue...Adventures with Psyduck

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