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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Wow. I'm just kicking myself again on how far behind I've fallen in my DVD news. I just found out that, coming out on DVD today, is....

ReBoot: Daemon Rising & My Two Bobs

These two TV movies, which first aired about two or three years ago, make up the fourth season of ReBoot. ReBoot, as we all know, is one of the most briliant cartoons ever made. In case you've never seen them, Daemon Rising ties up the loose plot threads left in season 3 as Bob, Matrix, and the rest of Mainframe valiantly fight to save the Net from the evil virus Daemon. My Two Bobs then heightens things when a second Bob shows up in Mainframe, and the two Bobs are left trying to figure out which is the real one. All I can say is Mainframe has to make a season 5 because they just can't end My Two Bobs with its cliffhanger!

And one thing I found really cool about My Two Bobs. Bob was voiced by one guy in seasons one and two of the show. In season three, the original voice was unavailable, so they got a new voice for Bob. In My Two Bobs, the original voice was available again, so one of the Bobs is voiced by the original voice, and the second is voiced by the newer voice.

So, yeah. Both movies are on one disc. Pick it up today!

And some movie news I've been sitting on for a while and just too lazy to post.

One of my most anticipated summer blockbusters won't be coming out this summer. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has been pushed back from a June 25 release to September 17. The official reason given is that they need more time to finish the special effects. The rumoured version is, because Spider-Man 2 comes out on June 30, they were afraid that Spidey would kick Sky Captain's ass.

And another old TV show is coming to the big screens. Plans are now underway for a movie version of 21 Jump Street. This late-80s action show is notable in that it launched both the Fox Network and Johnny Depp's career. Depp and several other young-looking 20-somethings were an elite group of cops who went undercover at high schools to capture drug dealers, gangbangers, and the like. And soon, it'll be on the big screen. We just gotta have a cameo by Depp, though.

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