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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Aww, I'm heartbroken. Pamela Anderson just became an American citizen. I say this is heartbreaking because Pamela Anderson is responsible for my favourite "I am Canadian" moment.

It was quite a few years ago now, and Pamela Anderson was on The Tonight Show. She was the first guest and the interview went as well as could be expected. Then the second guest came out and he was this really lame stand-up comic. He was doing a bit about Canadian coins. He was going on and on about how stupid our coins look and he hates it when he finds one in his change. "It's like having a booger on your finger!" he said. "You're not sure how to get rid of it!" Then he turns to Pamela Anderson and says, "I mean, c'mon! Don't you just hate Canadian coins?" Pamela Anderson - who was quite visibly offended - just cooly said, "Actually, I am Canadian." The stand-up comic just said, "Oh," and moved on to his next bit really quickly.

This reminds me of another thing. Does anyone know if George W. Bush has paid an official state visit to Canada? This goes back a few more years. It was 1994 or so. I was home from school and I was watching Bill Clinton's first official state visit to Canada. As part of this, he was addressing the House of Commons. That was cool, actually. I could watch it on CNN for the American perspective; I could watch it on CBC NewsWorld for the Canadian perspective; I could watch it on C-PAC for the plain "fly on the wall" perspective. So I was watching it on CBC NewsWorld, and Jean Chretien gave his speech first. And in it, he made a very interesting observation. Chretien said that, throughout the 20th Century, every US president who paid an official state visit to Canada in his first term, got re-elected. And then he made the joke that, by paying this visit to Canada, Clinton had assured his re-election! And wouldn't you know it? Bill Clinton got re-elected.

So yeah. That's why I want to know if W has paid an official state visit to Canada. Maybe this trend will carry over into the 21st Century. If W hasn't visited us, then maybe there's a good chance he won't be back.

And one last thing. I actually read this yesterday but forgot to post it. Oprah's personal trainer has come out against the film Supersize Me and is throwing his support behind McDonald's. I find his support of McDonald's suspect, though, because he wrote the health booklet that you'll get with your new adult Happy Meal, and McDonald's is sponsoring a chairty cycle-thon he's currently on.

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