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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Woo hoo! I'm just geeking out right now! Pixar's posted a new trailer for The Incredibles, and it just rocks. My God, it's so cool! Favourite bit has to be the interview with Frozone, the superhero with the voice of Samuel L. Jackson:

"The superladies are always trying to tell you their secret identity. (voice lowers) They think it'll stengthen the relationship or somethin."

November 5! Can't wait! Everyone's invited!

And speaking of endings, the final episode of Frasier was tonight. It was OK. The whole series ended on a cliffhanger, as Dr. Frasier Crane hopped on a plane and headed out to Chicago to be with the woman he loves. Actually, I read an interesting fact about Frasier today. Some figure that, if it were an original show and not a spin-off of Cheers, it probably would have never lasted.

And speaking of spin-offs, be sure to watch CSI: Miami on Monday. It's the big set-up episode for CSI: New York. And the fourth Law & Order show is in the works. Tell me honestly. When it comes to spin-offs, when is enough enough?

Next Issue...ENOUGH!

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