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Monday, May 24, 2004

I've got an interesting tidbit about McDonald's. Very soon, instead of asking, "Would you like fries with that?" the clerks will be asking, "Would you like a DVD with that?" McDonald's is going to be putting DVD rental kiosks in all 105 of their Denver stores. McDonald's has already test marketed the rental kiosks in Washington and Las Vegas. Rumour is, if the Denver test goes well, look for DVD rental kiosks in ALL McDonald's stores.

McDonald's will charge a buck a day for rentals, and you can return them to ANY McDonald's location. Selection won't be big; they'll only rent the top 30 DVDs. They're doing this because the top 30 DVDs account for about 80% of a video rental store's business.

Hey! You can click here and read the whole story at Yahoo!

I don't know. This once again shows how McDonald's will do anything for money. They just started heavily advertising their salads and giving away free pedometers to promote a healthy lifestyle. Now what are they saying? "Buy your Big Mac, then go home and sit on your fat ass and watch a DVD! And bring it back tomorrow to do it all over again!"

Speaking of McDonald's...I just noticed that the new documentary about McDonald's, Super Size Me, managed to claw its way into the top 10 this past weekend! It was at #10, but still, it made the list!

I even found Roger Ebert's review. You know, he of "...& Roper" fame? The "Two Thumbs Up" guy? His review is a wonderful little editorial about McDonald's. Here's some great quotes:

"Eating responsibly at McDonald's is like going to a strip club for the iced tea."

"Of course I agree with McDonald's that a visit to Mickey D's can be part of a responsible nutritional approach. That's why I've dined there twice in the last 17 months."

You can read his whole review right here.

Next Issue...Eat at Wendy's!

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