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Monday, May 17, 2004

Just finished watching the big episode of CSI: Miami that sets up the next series, CSI: New York. I don't know. I was disappointed when I found out they were doing CSI: New York. Between NYPD Blue and the Law & Order shows, I think New York has been overdone for cop shows.

Anyway, one thing I do like is how they try to give each CSI it's own distinct look. The first one is lit pretty normal. Miami, taking place in sunny Miami, is lit in that orange tint/really bright sun washing out everything/Three Kings kind of way. And it looks like, in New York, they're going to put a blue tint on everything; like you're in a dark, old building and all the light's coming in through old windows.

But let's get to the good stuff! YTV showed all three parts of the final episode of Justice League, entitled Starcrossed. Yeah, I know, it'll be back as Justice League Unlimited this fall, but many are starting to think of Unlimited as being an all new show.

So, anyway, Starcrossed went down like this. The Thanagarians show up and help repel an alien attack. The Thanagarians are the Hawkpeople; Hawkgirl's people. The Thanagarians - led by Hawkman - say that Earth is under attack by the Gordanians, and that they only way Earth can survive is by teaming up with the Thanagarian fleet. Oh, and by the way, Hawkgirl is actually a spy who was sent out to survey the Earth for us. Earth's forces, and the Justice League, side with the Thanagarians, but Batman, still trusting no one, thinks this is too good to be true. And, before you know it, the Thanagarians turn into an invasion fleet, disable the Justice League (thanks to Hawkgirl's intel), and take over the world.

Eventually, the Justice League escapes from confinement, go underground, and set up temporary HQ in the Batcave. Hawkgirl finds out the truth: Earth is going to be destroyed to make way for the Thanagarian fleet. Hawkgirl betrays her own people to help the League, the Justice League launch one last offensive, and soon, it's a climactic battle between Hawkman and Green Lantern to determine the fate of the world - and who'll win Hawkgirl's heart.

Let me just say, this episode FUCKING ROCKED! Oh my God, it was so cool. A strong plot, lots of great character moments, and a heartbreaking end to the series-long Green Lantern/Hawkgirl romance.

And because all of this DC animation started with Batman: The Animated Series, I really geek out when they get deep into Batman lore. The League in the Batcave...the League taking on the Thanagarian army in the Batcave...a Thanagarian soldier using one of Batman's trophies-Mr. Freeze's freezing gun...the Flash flattening some soldiers with the Batcave's giant penny...and my favourite, a big supporting role for Alfred!

Anyway, let me sum things up by throwing some of my favourite dialogue bits at you:

The League finds out that Hawkgirl is really a spy.
Batman>> They're the most mysterious creatures in the universe.
Green Lantern>> Who's that?
Batman>> Women.

Batman, the Flash, and Martian Manhunter are trying to figure out how to fly one of the Thanagarian attack ships.
The Flash>> What's this do?
(the Flash pushes the button, the alien ship fires off an energy beam, destroying a wing of Wayne Manor)
Batman>> (through gritted teeth) THAT'S...NOT...HELPING.

Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern vs. the entire Thanagarian army.
Wonder Woman>> The odds are uneven.
Superman>> I know. They don't stand a chance.

Superman saves Batman at the last minute, thus preventing Batman from making the ultimate sacrafice.
Superman>> You always have to be a hero, don't you?
Batman>> Right back atcha.

And my favourite bit, when the League first escapes from custody, hole up in a closed department store, and decide that they have to go underground.

Batman>> We'll have to go underground.
Martian Manhunter>> I agree. Without our costumes, we are just ordinary citizens.
The Flash>> Woah! Wait a minute! What about the secret identity thing? I mean, I trust you guys, but...
Batman>> (pointing to the Flash) Wally West. (pointing to Superman) Clark Kent.
(removing his mask) Bruce Wayne.
The Flash>> (removing his mask) Show-off.
Wonder Woman>> (seeing the Flash's face for the first time) Red hair. It suits you.

Next Issue...Hawkgirl Rocks!

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