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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Let's talk Spider-Man 2.

- Are you going to be watching the final episode of Friends this Thursday night? It's just been announced that an exclusive 60-second spot for Spidey 2 will be running during the final episode.

- Marvel Comics is getting in on the gig by doing a special Spider-Man 2 tie-in storyline in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man. The storyline goes like this: Spider-Man hears that they're making a movie about him, and heads to Hollywood to shut it down and/or get a piece of the action. On the way, he runs into Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and Marvel Studios head Avi Arad. But then, Doc Ock shows up, also wanting to shut down production, and Spidey and Doc Ock duke it out on the set of the Spider-Man film while Raimi films the whole thing. Arad says it's storylines like this that have made Ultimate Spider-Man one of the top 10 comics out there. Raimi, however, hates the storyline, saying that he comes across as "an arrogant jerk," and that the sooner they kill off his character, the better.

Also, Avi Arad made his quarterly conference call to Marvel's stockholders yesterday, and in his conference calls, he always gives a big update on Marvel's films. Here's what Arad said:

Punisher 2 - Thomas Jane is already signed to come back. Johnathon Hensleigh will be back as writer/director. Jigsaw will be the villain. They want a fall 2005 release.

Black Widow - David Hayter, the writer of the two X-Men films, will be writing and directing. They've got an actress signed, but they can't say who it is yet.

Blade 3 - They've begun test screenings and feedback has been incredibly positive.

Elektra - Filming begins today for a February 2005 release.

Fantastic Four - Filming begins in August for a July 2005 release. There's going to be 5 toy lines.

Luke Cage - The writer and director (Ben Ramsey and John Singleton) have been known for a while now. An actor is signed, but they can't announce who yet.

And now, back to work. My parents are entering a business situation where they're going to need a scanner again. Ever since we bought our new printer back in October, our scanner hasn't worked. The two are incompatable. So, my parents are all hot to buy a new scanner. But, before they did, I told them to let me try just one last thing to see if I could get it working again. I tried it. It didn't work. Now, I'm pricing out new scanners for them.

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