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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I'm sure we've all heard today's big movie news. Disney is preventing their subsidiary studio Miramax from distributing Michael Moore's latest film, Farenheight 911. Disney feels that the film is rather controversial and wants nothing to do with it. Moore's official statement is that Disney is afraid this'll upset the Bush administration, and Bush's brother down in Florida, and thus cost Disney some tax breaks. The anti-Moore sites are crying "Conspiracy!" and saying that Miramax and Moore knew a full year ago that this would happen and are now using it as publicity.

Either way, this isn't the first time that Disney has stopped Miramax from distributing a controversial film. Remember Kevin Smith's Dogma back in 1999? Disney wouldn't let Miramax distribute that film, too. What ultimately happened was the heads of Miramax - the Weinstein brothers - bought Dogma from Miramax and then sold it to another distributor. I'm guessing something similar will happen here.

And I guess I should take a moment to acknowledge everything going on in the world of hockey. The Calgary Flames have made it farther in the playoffs than they have in years. The last time they went this far they actually won the Stanley Cup back in 1989. But what really makes this big news is the fact that, since the Edmonton Oilers didn't make the playoffs, the Flames have become "Alberta's Team," and the whole province is jumping on the Flames bandwagon.

And rumblings are coming out of the CBC that it may be time to put Don Cherry out to pasture. Turns out Cherry's contract is up for renewal and the CBC is thinking about letting him go. After hosting Coach's Corner for 20 years, Cherry's schtick has gotten old and it may be time for something new. According to the rumour and hearsay.

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