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Monday, May 10, 2004

So, for the past few months now, the CBC has been playing all kinds of ads looking for "The Greatest Canadian." Finally swung by the website to find out what this is all about. (www.cbc.ca/greatest) Naturally, it's for a new TV show they're doing. You go to the website and nominate who you think is the greatest Canadian. It can be anyone - ANYONE! Of course, they have the nominations of Canadian celebrities and a few mini-bios of people you could nominate. They'll take the top 10 and, on the TV show this fall, you all call in and vote for who you think the greatest Canadian is. Kind of Biography meets Canadian Idol. So, yeah. If you think you know who the Greatest Canadian is, go nominate that person! The deadline is Saturday.

And I'm still following the controversy over Michael Moore's new film and Disney's refusal to distribute it. The instant rebutal from the Disney folk was that Moore knew about this for a year. Now, Moore is saying this. Back in April 2003, he signed the deal with Disney/Miramax for Miramax to produce and distribute the film. After filming the film for about a month, Moore's agent had a meeting with Michael Eisner, in which Eisner expressed concern about the film and what it might do for Disney's tax breaks in Florida. Moore's agent told Moore about this, and Moore just kind of brushed it off. According to Moore, he thought, "Well, if they really are concerned about the film, they'll proabaly pull their funding and thus shut down the film." But, they never did that, so Moore kind of assumed that it would all blow over. But now that the film is finished and the release date nears, Disney expressed their concerns again, and with a vengeance.

Anyway, Moore has already signed a new distribution deal in England, so at least the Brits will bet to see it.

And hey! I wasn't playing Pokemon all afternoon. I got some of my writing done, which was mainly updating the resume and cover letters for summer jobs.

Next Issue...To Work!

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