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Monday, March 21, 2005

Yay! My quest is complete! I've finally found the answer to something that's been bugging me for ages!

What is the proper term for a story in 4 parts?

We all know that "trilogy" is the word for a story in 3 parts. And, when the big boxed set of all the Alien films came out under the title "The Alien Quadrilogy," I looked at that and though, "Hmmm.... Something tells me that 'quadrilogy' isn't the right word."

So, after typing the odd search phrase into Google, and wishing that the Merriam-Webster Online Dictonary had a reverse look-up (type in the definition, they give you the word), I finally found it this morning at Wikipedia.org.

The proper term for a story in 4 parts is...


Oh, and in case you're curious, in the course of my research I found the terms "pentalogy" and "quintology" used to describe a story in five parts. If anyone knows which of those is correct, or if both are, then let me know!

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