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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oh, I'm so happy.

Last night, I caught the second half of the Justice League season finale, The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped. Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman follow our time travelling villain into the future, where he's used his time travel abitily to become absolute ruler of Gotham. Now, going by the name Chronos, he seeks to destroy the remains of the Justice League. So, in the future, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern team up with what remains of the future Justice League, namely Batman Beyond, Warhawk (created for the future Justice League in Batman Beyond), and Static (star of the cartoon Static Shock, only now he's all grown up.) And they battle with Chronos's minion, the Jokerz. And, Chronos has destablized the time/space continuim with all his time travelling. So, it's up to the Justice League to save all of reality. With Batman, Batman Beyond, and the old Bruce Wayne, there were some great moments. Like when Batman meets his 80-year old future self....

Old Bruce Wayne>> Surprised to see me?
Batman>> Actually, I'm more surprised I live this long.
Batman Beyond>> Batman...Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne...Batman. Or have you two already met?
Batman and Old Bruce Wayne (in unison)>> NOT NOW!
Batman Beyond>> Great. What did they used to call this? Stereo?

Or, after Wonder Woman fades from existence, Batman ventures out into future Gotham to search for the Jokerz

Batman Beyond>> You can't go out there alone. It's a different era. Things work differently here.
Batman>> Are criminals still cowardly and superstitious?
Old Bruce Wayne>> Yup.
Batman>> Good enough for me.

But there were some great moments, like when Green Lantern learned that the future hero Warhawk is his son....

Green Lantern>> Who's your mother?
Warhawk (motioning to his hawk armor)>> Who do you think?
Static>> Yup, Shayera [Hawkgirl] was one cranky pregnant lady. Of course, I'd be cranky too if I laid an egg that big.
(horrified look on Green Lantern's face)
Warhawk>> He's kidding, Dad.

All in all, a good episode. Bring on Season 2!

It was almost as good as Thurday night's CSI. Trekkies from all over tuned in to see Wil "I was Wesley Crusher" Wheaton play a deranged homeless person. It kind of ruined it for me, though, as I kept giggling and going, "Dude, that's Wesley Crusher." Even though it was just a small role, though, it's amazing how many good reviews he's getting from playing a deranged homeless person. Are we on the cusp of a Wil Wheaton comeback?

Anyway, how to spend my Saturday.... I was thinking about finally going to Glendon to see the world's largest pyrogy, but it's all grey and looking like it's about to rain. I'll figure it out after breakfast.

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