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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oh, what a busy Sunday! Firstly, the latest column's up! This week is all about Democracy, and a return to NAIT:

"...you’re probably wondering why the heck I came back. Well, it was for one very important reason: the NAITSA elections. Even though I’m a three-hour drive away, I’m still a student, and I still wanted to have my say in who’ll be in charge next year. I came down to vote in the advance polls, and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that things had been changed this year. The candidate’s “vote for me!” articles didn’t run in the Nugget the week before the election, but rather in the issue that came out the day of the election. So, I was stuck gathering all my info about candidates purely on the posters, until I found that the candidate’s “vote for me” articles were posted at the future sites of polling stations. Nothing really Earth-shattering. Most everyone ran on the platform of “vote for me, cuz I know how to PARTY! WOO!!” Their posters reflected it. What I found funniest about the election, though, was the fact that Dwayne Williams, running for re-election on a platform of increased communication, wasn’t bothered to put up at least one poster telling people that he was running again. Now that’s your high-quality, China-cut irony."

And yes, it has been submitted to The Nugget, NAIT's paper. But, you don't have to wait until Thursday! Read it here!

And I had a wonderful day of Sunday driving. I finally drove out to Glendon to see the world's largest pyrogy. Gotta say, kind of a letdown. I had no idea that the town of Glendon is now so...run down. And the Pyrogy Cafe, the restaurant in the shadow of the giant pyrogy, is a Chinese restaurant. The serve pyrogies no more. Oh, and if you're expecing a giant pyrogy postcard, sorry. It was Sunday, so everything was closed. When I head out to St. Paul to see the UFO Landing Pad, I'll make sure it's a Saturday so the gift shops are open.

And after I saw the pyrogy, I went to Saskatchewan. I keep forgetting how close Cold Lake is to the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The lake of Cold Lake actually straddles the border. So, I made a run for the border, just so I could say I went to Saskatchewan.

Next Issue...Tokyo Disneyland!

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