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Thursday, March 03, 2005

The wheels are in motion.

On Wednesday, I'm going to be roaring back to NAIT to take care of some very special business.

I'm voting in the students association elections.

You might be thinking, "WTF, Mark. It's just a silly little students union." Oh, I beg to differ. I still take my student politics rather seriously, especially now that I've discovered that Dwayne Williams - the current students assocaition president - is running unopposed for re-election. Now, Dwayne's a nice enough guy. Lord knows I interviewed him enough for the paper and my radio news class last semester. So, I also know enough about him to have the same problem with him that I had with an old Augustana Students Union president, a fella by the name of Stewart Prest. He's more style than substance, and in the end, that's not a way to run a governemnt.

And besides, as one of my contemparies told me last year, "Mark, take the position of NAITSA president seriously. It does do real work, and there's a very hefty salary that comes with it."

So, I think that any election should be taken seriously.

Besides, with all the students that technical institutes send out on practicums and all that, I find it shocking that NAITSA has no absentee voting system in place. I've already been e-mailing NAITSA's COO about this. He tells me that they've looked into Internet voting, but in their consultations with other schools that have tried it, they find that it's still too buggy. But still, what's wrong with a good old fashioned mail-in ballot?

Next Issue...The Road to Vote

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