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Thursday, March 17, 2005

As I am prone to do in this town without TV, I found myself aimlessly browsing the department stores like some kind of mall zombie. I was going through the toy section, looking for the latest hot collectable, and I looked up and down the aisle dedicate to toy cars. I looked among them and I started thinking, "You know, collecting die cast metal cars - Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and their brethern - must be pretty big hobby, too." I wonder why it doesn't get the coverage that Barbie doll collecting does or action figure collecting. Although, action figure collecting only really took off in the last 10 years - around the same time that comic book collecting started crashing. I betcha it'll be toy cars when action figures crash.

Anyway, I bought the first toy car to add to my action figure collection. I can't believe I spotted it tonight. After wanting one ever since I was 5 years old, I finally got a Hot Wheels version of...Herbie the Love Bug. Officially licensed by Disney and everything. That's going to be a cool addition.

Now, my second-most coveted toy car because my most-coveted: a Hot Wheels version of the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.

Anyway, gotta share the big movie news of the day. This has been rumoured for about a month, but today it was officially announced. Joss Whedon, the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly, will be writing and directing the big screen version of...Wonder Woman. Joel Silver, the man who helped the Wachoskis to bring the Matrix to the big screen, is also producing. No word yet on a release date, but rumour is that Warner Brothers would really like Summer 2006.

I just it want it to be good.

And, I have to share this bit of Star Trek news. As I may have told you, as season 4 of Enterprise went on, we always heard rumours that negotiations were underway to have William Shatner be on the show. Would he have been Captain Kirk? Would he have been Kirk's ancestor? What might have been....

Well, now the writers are telling us.

William Shatner was going to play Evil Kirk from the mirror universe.

The plot was, in the 23rd Century, Evil Spock was going to do away with Evil Kirk using Evil Kirk's secret weapon - the Tantalus Field. But, the Tantalus Field isn't a disintigrator like we orginally thought. It's a transporter that sends you to a penal colony - 100 years in the past. So, Evil Kirk is stuck in the past. In the past, who happens upon this penal colony but Capt. Archer and his Enterprise? Naturally, Evil Kirk goes, "Yes! They have a transporter! I can recreate that accident from the first time I got sent to this alternate universe, and get home!" Evil Kirk gets on board the NX-01, makes the transpoter modification...and goes nowhere. Turns out the mirror universe doesn't exist yet. So, Capt. Archer and Evil Kirk then have to work together to figure out when the mirror universe splits off from this one. And the big sci-fi twist ending? Capt. Archer and Evil Kirk create the mirror universe by trying to figure out when it starts.

This was actually William Shatner's idea. He came up with it with Judith and Garfield Revees-Stevens. The Revees-Stevens co-wrote all of Shatner's Star Trek novels, and were writing for Enterprise this season. The writers all loved it! The big wigs at Paramount loved it! Rick Berman and Brannon Braga loved it!

But Rick Berman had a better idea.

Rick Berman's idea was that William Shatner would play the NX-01's Chef - and great, great grandfather of Captain Kirk's. One day, Crewman Daniels (a recurring character from 29th Century Starfleet whose job it is to protect the timeline) appears and says, "Captian Kirk has disappeared! We must preserve the timeline!" And then, he would zap the NX-01 into the future where Chef would have to masquerade as Capt. Kirk until the real Kirk could be found.

William Shatner ended negotiations after Berman's "better" idea.

Ahh, what might have been....

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