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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

You've probably read this story in a dozen different media by now, but I just have to share it.

The Italian town of Pisa - famous for its leaning tower - has sparked controversy by announcing that it will build a second leaning tower.

This second leaning tower won't actually lean, though. It'll accomplish its lean through tricks of lighting. It'll be a modern office building, complete with luxury condos and gift shops for the tourists. It's exact location will be 5 km southwest of the original leaning tower. It'll cost $65 million US to build, they start building at the end of summer, and it'll take about 4 years to complete.

It should be easy to see why it's controversial. Traditionalists say that it'll deface the view. City planners say it'll spark tourism, and show Pisa as being a forward-thinking city.

I had another encounter with a Phoenix action figure last night. There was one lonely Phoenix on the shelf at Zeller's. This was the regular Phoenix - green costume. I was tempted to buy it. Seriously. I mean, Phoenix is still the shortpacked figure in the Marvel Legends line ("shortpacked" means they made the least amount of it, and there's only one per case), and that added rarity always means an increased value.

anyway, I instead decided to play a game with it. I moved it to the very back of the shelf, and we'll see how long it remains there. Hell, it's a game I've played for the last 3 months with the Elektra action figure that Zeller's had, and last night, I said, "Let's end this." Yup, I bought Elektra instead.

And since I"m blogging anyway, here's today's big new DVD releases:

APOLLO 13 (Universal) Ron Howard’s excellent dramatization of the troublesome space mission, in which three astronauts (Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon) narrowly escaped death multiple times. 2-disc widescreen & narrowscreen editions include commentraks (director Ron Howard and one by astronaut Jim Lovell and his wife), featurettes, the re-edited version shown in IMAX theaters and more.

THE LONE GUNMEN (Fox) Underrated 2001 X-FILES spinoff about the adventures of three geeks as they investigate conspiracies for their underground newspaper. With commentraks, featurettes and more.

ORGAZMO (Universal) Parker & Stone’s comedy about a young Mormon missionary who somehow comes to star in a superhero porn flick. Special edition includes both theatrical and unrated versions, 3 wild commentraks (nude, drunk and guest star), outtakes, deleted scenes, interviews, documentary and more.

THE TOXIC AVENGER (Troma) 2-disc 21st anniversary edition of this trash horror comedy landmark in which a nerdy gymnasium mop boy becomes a heroic monster. Includes commentrak, fan tribute shorts, interviews and more.

As always, these are just my highlights. Get the complete list at Cinescape

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