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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Could Never Get the Hang of Thursdays

Wow. I've had the ol' blog a little bit quiet for the past few days...this is because I've been focusing most of my online efforts on Facebook right now.

Had this exchange with a co-worker the other day, after I added a Facebook application called Audio so you can hear songs on my Facebook page.

"I'm starting to not like Facebook. It's turning too much into MySpace."

I looked at him and said, "You're only figuring that out now? I had it nailed from the get-go."

But yeah. I'm pretty sure Facebook is a fad. This time last year, it was MySpace. This year, it's Facebook. This time next year, it'll probably be "Crazy Wackadoos.com."

Also taking some time to ruminate on the James Bond films. When I first got my DVD player all those years ago, I said that I'd pick up my favourite James Bond films from each actor's pantheon. So far, I've got Goldfinger for the Sean Connery years and The Spy Who Loved Me for the Roger Moore era. I've also got Casino Royale. Don't know yet if it'll be my favourite for the Daniel Craig years...got it more because I'm one of those guys who's got to get the newest and the best DVDs.

Anyway, while wandering around the streets of Athabasca the other day, I was taken by a window display at Rexall and walked out with my favourite of the Timothy Dalton films, The Living Daylights.

Now, I know in the James Bond pantheon, Timothy Dalton is considered a lesser Bond. But I will always have a soft spot for Dalton's Bond, for Dalton's films were my gateway Bond films. They were the first James Bond films I watched. Hell, I'm fairly certain that The Living Daylights is the first James Bond film I ever saw. Which is why I went for it instead of the other Dalton Bond, License to Kill which many consider the better of Dalton's 2.

So, yeah. History will vindicate Timothy Dalton as the underrated Bond.

Let's take advantage of this to take a look at the next James Bond movie, the Casino Royale sequel, currently going under the working title Bond 22. I remember reading an interview with the writers, saying that, because of what they've done in Casino Royale, they just can't go and leap back into the Bond formula right away. They've got to ease into it.... They figure it's be OK to re-introduce Moneypenny, but it's doubtful that Qwill be back yet.

They're shooting for a release in November of 2008.

And speaking of movies, Warner Brothers and DC Comics have announced today that they're starting to develop a live-action movie version of Teen Titans. Akiva Goldsman is producing, and the script is being written by Mark Verheiden, a writer for Smallville and the new Battlestar: Galactica.

Don't get your hopes up...DC and WB have made lots of announcements like this, but still no movies to show for them.

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