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Friday, June 15, 2007

Latest Targ's Up!

The newest episode of my podcast, U62: The Targ is up!

"But Mark!" you're saying. "It's 2 days early! Does this mean you're taking off for the weekend again?"

Yes. Yes it does.

This week, or next week, really, we've got Episode 53: More Memories of Kumagaya. As I noted in my podcast around this time last year, June is the anniversary of my year in Japan. I left in June 02, and came back in June 03. So, once again, I'm sharing a few stories of my adventures in the Far East, and playing some of the songs that always take me back to that lost year.

Give it a listen!

And hey! I've got some bonus materials! I ripped off some anime theme songs to open and close the show this week. Here are the anime opening and closing segments that match up to the music!

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