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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Yay for Augustana!

Hey hey! Big news for all my fellow Augustana alumni.

They're finally building their new library!

At Augustana's convocation last week, the MLA for Camrose made the big announcement that the government is kicking in another $16.8 million, bring the library fund up to $30 million.

The new building will be called the "Augustana Forum and Library." Besides hosting the library, it'll also host a slew of new offices for the admin, and have big, public spaces for people to hang out. AND, huge-ass new computer servers. More work for Arlo!

Here's the official news release at the Augustana website.

Now, cross your fingers that I'll be able to break a similar story for Athabasca University. AU has benn lobbying for months for some government funding to expand their campus up here. Since this announcement was made at Augustana's convocation, maybe there'll be some announcement at AU's convocation...?

Just thinking out loud here.

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