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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Laugh for the Day

You know, there occasionally comes a news story down the wire that, while I think it's funny as hell, I just know that if I were to read said news story, it would probably get us some angry phone calls in conervative ol' Athabasca. Like this one that came down today.

According to a recent study conducted by Emory University, when a man looks at pictures of naked women, the first thing he looks at is...the woman's face. The hypothesis for the man's eyes going there first because he wants to figure out if she enjoys being naked, and facial expression is the best way to do that.

Also worth noting is that women stare at pictures of naked women for much longer periods of time than men do.

Ya know, there's tons of dirty jokes there, but I can't pick one right now, so just go make your own.

You know what? The world needs more peppy, upbeat, TV theme songs. Seriously. Watch this classic opening sequence, listen to that theme song, and it's impossible to not smile.

(Facebookers, click here to watch it)

Equally as good and peppy is the update from the mid-1990s.

Guy who posted it won't allow embedding of it, ya gotta follow the link.

But what blows my mind the most? The live-action movie version, coming next summer from the creators of The Matrix.

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