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Friday, June 22, 2007

The Spice Report

Ever since I got to do the morning show in Athabasca a few weeks back, and reported this on the air with a fanatical fervor, I've been following this quite closely. What is it?

Spice Girls reunion.

And today, the old management group for the Spice Girls sent out a release saying there'll be an announcement on June 28 to address all this reunion talk.

That's right: an announcment of an announcement.

What's really fanning the flames is that, last week, long time hold out Sporty Spice revealed that, yeah, she's warming up to the idea, and she could see herself doing it now.

So what'll this reunion be? Speculation started last year, cuz it was the 10th anniversary of their first album. Rumors say it'll be anything from a couple of new songs for a greatest hits CD, all the way up to a new world tour.

We'll find out on the 28th.

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