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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little Bits o' Saturday News

So, when my brother and I finished watching Transformers, we both said the same thing.

"Bring on G.I. Joe!"

Rumors are going around today that Stephen Sommers, the guy who brought us The Mummy films and Van Helsing, is in negotiations with Hasbro to do just that.

Yeah, cartoons of the 80s are getting big now. Warner Brothers is working on He-Man, and 20th Century Fox just picked up Voltron.

Reading a current interview with my hero, "Weird Al" Yankovic. In the interview, Yankovic reveals his plans for utilizing current technology....

"maybe now I'll take advantage of iTunes, if I can work out some sort of arrangement with my record company. Maybe I can come up with a song, record it and have it on iTunes later that week, which would allow me to be a whole lot more timely and topical instead of waiting until I have an album's worth of parody, hoping that at least one or two of them are still valid."

New Weird Al songs every week? The 21st Century rocks, even if we don't have flying cars.

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