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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Next for JK Rowling

Watching a bit of Princess Mononoke on TV right now...God, how come I don't own this soundtrack? The music in this film is right up there with Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones for "music I like to listen to while walking in the woods."

Anywho, got an interesting news story coming out of England today. JK Rowling, she who wrote those Harry Potter books, has recently been spotted in some Edinburgh cafes, hunched over a notepad, writing her next book. It's notable in that this is how Harry started out.

The waitress who peeked over Rowling's shoulder is telling the press that Rowling is apparently trying her hand at writing a crime thriller.

In interviews to plug the last Harry Potter book, Rolwing said that she still has stories to tell and novels to write, but she seriously doubts she'll hit the heights of Harry Potter again.

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