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Friday, August 10, 2007

Working on the railroad

Yay! The high speed rail link between Edmonton and Calgary has just been declared...economically feasable!

In an Alberta government report that'll be officially released later this month, the long-proposed high speed rail link has been declared affordable. That's very significant seeing as to how one of the major stumbling blocks has always been the belief that it wouldn't be affordable.

The report says it'll only take 84 minutes to zip from Edmonton to Calgary, and that a round trip ticket would cost $130. Oh, and there would be a stop in Red Deer.

When confronted with the leaked report, Premier Ed Stelmach once again supported a high speed rail link, saying that if a high speed rail link could take 25% of the cars off of Highway 2, that would significantly reduce CO2 emissions and reduce highway maintenance costs.

The report was compiled by interviewing 5000 motorists, 1000 air travellers, and 700 bus riders.

My only question: Why stop at Calgary? Why not extend it just a little more south to Lethbridge?

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