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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Planning a Trip


Yay! I'm on holidays on Friday! Not that I'm counting down the days or anything. I thought things were planned out, but then I got thrown a curve ball.

The original plan was to head down to Red Deer, set up base camp at my sister's place, hang out with my brother and sister, and maybe take a day to head down to Drumheller to see the Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. I have seen that Tyrrell Museum since I was but a lad of 10, and I'd always wanted to head back. And now, I'm old enough to appreciated it.

And then, once I had my fill of Red Deer and the Tyrrell Museum and all that, I'd head home to Entwistle for a few days, resting in the green, green grass of home.

It's that second part that's leaving me all discombobulated. My parents recently revealed that they want to squeeze in one last camping trip to Jasper National Park, and they've invited me along.

Now, in my childhood, every vacation was punctuated with a camping trip to Jasper, and I haven't been out to Jasper since before Japan. Damn tempting.

So, my dilemma is how to divide time between Red Deer/Drumheller and Entwistle/Jasper.

Darn it! I should have taken a full 2 weeks, but no! I had to take a couple days off to go meet my hero.

By the way, my day in the city was lovely, thanks for asking. About the only thing I didn't get that I wanted was 300 on DVD. Every where I went was sold out of the 2-disc special edition, and if you can't get the 2-disc special edition, what's the point?

And, I was perplexed by a dilemma in HMV. There's one DVD I want that's in their "2 for $30" bin, and one I want in their "2 for $25" bin. What's a man to do? Next time I go in, I might have to head to their customer service desk and try to do a little haggling.

Also started pricing out a new DVD player. No offence to my old one, but I think it's on its last legs. A lot of older DVDs that I've had forever are starting to have a little trouble in it, and when I play said discs in my secondary player, they're OK. And you can get a frairly top-of-the-line model for around $100 now. Just might be getting a new one this fall.

And now, I'm not ready to upgrade to HD DVD or Blu Ray just yet. As one man said on a message board back at Christmas, I'm waiting to see which one becomes Beta.

Oh, and yes, I got my tacky tourist shots of the mall. They'll be online tomorrow.

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