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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tons of DVD News

Wow, lots of cool DVD news is coming out.

First up, Chasing Amy X. Ever since Kevin Smith started pumping out the 10th anniversary editions of all his films, there's been rumors of a 10th anniversary edition of Chasing Amy. Cuz, you know, 2007 is the 10th anniversary. Smith has also said that he wouldn't put out a 10th anniversary edition of Chasing Amy, because he likes the edition that's out now, and doesn't want to do a needless double dip. But, the fans have been asking for it.

So here's what he's going to do. He's going to come out with a special DVD of nothing but new Chasing Amy bonus material. New interviews, film a special anniversay Q&A after a special anniversary screening of the film, and all more. But, absolutly no movie. The closest concept I can think of is The Matrix Revisited.

That's kind of cool. That'll be out next year some time.

Next up, we've finally got DVD release details for Grindhouse. As previously rumored, each film is getting released on DVD individually.

First out of the gate is Death Proof on September 18. This 2-disc special edition bosts an "unrated and extended" edit of the film...they say it's 30 minutes longer. The announced bonus features list 5 featurettes and an international poster gallery. I'm sure more are expected.

Almost a month later - October 16, to be specific - we get Planet Terror. Again, this'll be a 2-disc special edtion, boasting an "unrated and extended" edit of the film....they promise us that the missing reel will be edited back in. There's a running commentary with director Robert Rodreiguiz, some deleted scenes, a featurette, "and more!"

Here's one that we Pixar geeks have been waiting for. On November 6, we get The Pixar Short Film Collection. Finally, all 13 Pixar short films get their own super-genius edition DVD! Each film will have a running commentary by its respective director, animation test footage, a featurette about the history of the Pixar shorts, "and more!"

And finally, for all my fellow Futurama geeks...the first straight-to-DVD movie, Futurama: Bender's Big Score, comes out November 27. Apparently, the plot is that the Planet Express crew has to fight "nudist alien Internet scammers to save planet Earth." Special guest voices include Coolio, Al Gore, and Sarah Silverman.

The other 3 Futurama straight-to-DVD movies are all coming out in 2008.

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