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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Did somebody say "flip-flop?"

No sooner did it leak about the Alberta Legislature's "special exemptions" to the new anti-smoking law did the Alberta government spin around and revoke all these special exemptions for the Legislature. Minister of Infastructure says that the change was made because of "great leadership." I now quote the six o'clock news directly:

Smart-Ass Reporter>> Wouldn't "great leadership" have been doing this six months ago, when the people originally asked for it?

Lyle Oberg>> No. Great leadership is what we did today. Listening to the concerns of the people, then acting on it.

The Torys calls that "great leadership." Most every other media outlet calls it "caving under public pressure."

Anyway, here are some DVD announcements that made a lot of people smile.

When Warner Brothers first started releasing Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series in the big super-deluxe boxed sets, most everyone said, "This is great! But where's Justice League? And Batman Beyond?"

The answer is...March 21.

That's the day Warner Brothers releases Batman Beyond: The Complete First Season and Justice League: Season 1.

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