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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

First, I've got to send out a special warning to everyone I sent a Christmas card to. I'm starting to get word that the enclosed CDs - entitled "the 2005 Year in Review Broadcast" - are showing up smashed all to heck. If your CD shows up smashed, and you have an overwhelming curiosity about what an unemployed wannabe jock can whip up in his basement, then let me know, and I'll fire off a new copy just as soon as I can.

Anyway, it's tough to be sad when it's my favourite day of the week - new DVD day! Here's what's out today:

Sin City: Recut - Extended - Unrated - Now here's what I'm talking about! The Robert Rodreiguiz/Frank Miller ultra-violent masterpiece gets a 2-disc ultimate edition. You get a passel of running commentaries, all kinds of featurettes, and a limited edition reprint of the graphic novel Sin City: The Hard Good-Bye.

Airplane: the "Don't Call Me Shirley" Edition - The classic 1980 comedy finally gets a mega-special edition DVD. Running commentary, cut scenes, and retrospective interivews. While all you guys were watching slasher movies, THESE were the kinds of R-rated films I was raised on: raunchy comedies where the punchline was a topless woman.

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season - Hello! I think I just discovered what I'm getting my brother for Christmas.

the 40-Year Old Virgin - The biggest comedy of the summer, and the one that many have joked is my life story. Available in both the theatrical and "unrated director's cut, with footage you weren't allowed to see in theatres!"

Godzilla: Final Wars - HELL YA! When alien invaders unleash an army of giant monsters to conquer the world, humanity turns to their only hope - Godzilla. The Big G's 50th Anniversary film finally comes out on North American shores, be it straight-to-DVD at least. It's not on my Christmas wish list, but I won't turn it away. Also available in UMD.

The Island - The one summer blockbuster I was mildly curious about, but missed in the theatres. Ewan McGregor learns that he's a clone, escapes from the Island, and goes in search of the original. Running commentary, featurettes, all that good stuff.

King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries - This limited-edition 2-disc set contains all 54 of the behind-the-scenes featurettes produced for the King Kong website. Think of it as the DVD bonus stuff wihout the film.

Kronk's New Groove - Disney's straight-to-video sequel to The Emperor's New Groove.

Valiant - The mega-bomb computer animated film about pidgeons in World War II. Bloopers, storyboards, games, all that good stuff.

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