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Monday, December 12, 2005

Yay Christmas!

Spent my evening watching "Corner Gasmas," better known as "The Christmas Episode of Corner Gas." The CTV hype machine has been in overdrive plugging this. The way series star/creator Brent Butt tells it, a lot of Saskatchewan residents are quite peaved that they've yet to do an episode set in winter. So, the end result was a Corner Gas Christmas episode..."because YOU asked for it!"

I wish I could say that they really made something special with this episode...that they really did something above and beyond...but they didn't. I don't know. I've just kind of been feeling down about Season 3 of Corner Gas. It's like, at this young stage in a TV show's life, it's already gotten repetitive. I'm just starting to go, "OK, Brent's wry, Wanda's sarcastic, Hank's clueless, Oscar's a grouchy idiot, Lacey doesn't fit in...I GET IT ALREADY! MOVE ON!" I'm almost reminded of what David E. Kelley said upon Ally McBeal's cancellation after 5 years: "Character-driven shows don't last very long, as people get sick of the characters. In fact, I'm suprised [Ally] lasted this long."

So, yeah. Despite the hype and the constant plugging, "Corner Gasmas" was just a typical episode. Although, it did feature the first mention of Wanda's kid since the first season. In a typical sitcom subplot, Wanda was trying desperatly to get her kid this season's "must have" toy.

And, according to the show, this season's "must have" toy are the "TransFarmers," mighty robot warriors who turn into farm animals.

Now THAT was clever.


I got to put up and decorate the Christmas tree yesterday. It was the first time I got to do it in three years.

Three years ago, I couldn't because I was in Japan. And, for the past two years, Mom would do it by herself when I was off at school.

So, yesterday, when she announced that she'd be doing it, I excitedly asked, "What can I do to help?" "You can stay out of my way!" my mother growled. So, I pouted my lip and whimpered a little, and she let me do it!

I love decorating Christmas trees. I can hardly wait until I have my own place and my own tree to decorate. I figure I'm going to do it completely in blue lights. And black ornaments. Black is a very unorthodox colour for a Christmas tree ornament. Blue lights and black ornaments on a green tree. Very trippy.

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