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Monday, July 14, 2008

Makeover Madness

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I got my first suit as a graduation present. My parents took me into Edmonton to Moore's to get me one as the end of high school drew near. I truthfully say that, when I finished high school, my parents gave me a new suit, $100, and instructions to find my place in the world...just like being released from prison.

I've blogged about the new glasses, I just got back from getting a haircut, and I recently spent a portion of my tax refund on getting a new suit. The true purpose of me doing all this is that it's my sister's wedding this coming weekend, and I've been slowly getting myself pretty for it.

The suit my parents got me for that grad present served me well all these years, but the sad truth is, I've outgrown it. My job does require me to sit on my ass for a great deal of the day, and I've never been that active to begin with, so I've just gotten too fat for it. I finally tried on my new suit the other day, and it was nice to have formal wear that fits perfectly again. So light, so comfy, so perfect!

Now, I know I have friends who boast that they'll never have a job that requires them to wear a suit. When I was going to NAIT, my classmates occasionally mocked me when I wore a suit when I was making sales pitches to prospective clients for my promotions project. (Although, one day, while in suit and returning for a sales call, one instructor did pull me aside and say, "I'm glad someone in your class knows how to dress when meeting a client.") I know I've fallen into a culture that derides a suit and what it represents, so to all my friends, I just want to offer up this one bit of advice.

Dip into your savings, take your tax refund, and go buy yourself a suit.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I'm not talking take out a bank loan and go get yourself Armani. Conversely, I don't want you to do like my best friend...one of those people who boasts that he'll never have a job that requires the suit and tie. When he actually did get a job that required a suit and tie, he went down to Value Village and spent $20 on "the one with the least amount of stains on it." No no no. Do what I did. Keep your eyes on the flyers for when one of your national chains like Moore's or the Men's Warehouse is having a sale.

My point is, just once in your life, get yourself a set of clothes that requires someone to take your measurements.

Because, trust me, when you put on that suit of clothes that was made just for you, and everything fits nice, and everything is tight where it's supposed to be tight and loose where it's supposed to be loose, not only will you look good, you will feel good.

And that's why I enjoy wearing my suit. It makes me feel good.

Now if only I hadn't left my Star Trek: Deep Space Nine tie back in Entwistle.

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