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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speed Racer on DVD/Grissom Leaves CSI/The Family Guy Movie

I know I'm pretty much the only one who thought Speed Racer was a freakin' fantastic movie, so I'm probably the only one who's excited about this.

Speed Racer hits DVD on September 16!

Sadly, because of the film's status as a bomb, it's rather scant on bonus materials. All you get are two featurettes. If you've made the great upgrade to Blu-Ray, then you're a little luckier. The Blu-Ray version comes with THREE featurettes, an interactive game, and a digital copy so you can enjoy the film on your iPod.

And that's not all! I often lamented that, although I loved the movie, I never saw an episode of the cartoon. Now, I'll be able to watch EVERY episode!

Speed Racer: The Complete Series hits on October 7. The 6-disc set includes all 52 episodes of the original cartoon, plus some bonus materials TBA. And it'll come packaged in a plastic replica of the Mach 5.

Well, I'm consume with sadness today. One of my favourite TV characters, one of the few that I call my hero, will soon no longer be on TV.

Gil Grissom is leaving the Las Vegas Crime Lab. That's right, William Petersen is leaving CSI.

Petersen has just said that it's time to move on, after having been on the show for 8 years. He's going to be on the first 10 episodes of next season -- roughly half of the season. Probably, in those 10 episodes, they'll write a very nice story arc to give him a send-off.

I really wish they'd just end the show. Grissom is the heart and soul of CSI.

But, who knows? In this end, there could be a new beginning. The two actors currently in negotiations to head up the Las Vegas crime lab are Laurence Fishburne and John Malkovich.

As cool as either one would be, I just can't shake the feeling that this'll be like when Mulder left The X-Files.

And fans of Family Guy can rejoice!

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane recently said in an interview that production on the Family Guy Movie will probably begin "within the next 12 months."

MacFarlane was mum on the plot, simply saying that, "It's something [they] could never do on TV." It's weird, because around a year ago, when The Simpsons Movie hit theatres, MacFarlane was asked about the possibility of a Family Guy movie and he said it's probably never happen. He then went on to say that if they ever did do a movie, he'd like to bring the focus back on the Griffin family, and try to figure out why they stick together as a family.

It's still probably a few years away from hitting your local cineplex.

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