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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday Foolishness

Granted, I'm not a hockey guy, but I thought of this and I had to share.

Today is the day that Daryl Katz becomes owner of the Edmonton Oilers. There was a big news conference and everything.

I think it would have been absolutely hilarious if Katz took to the podium and yelled out, "SUCKERS!! I'm moving the team to HAMILTON!" and then started with the maniacal laughter.

As you know, I'm geeking out about WALL-E right now. Fantastic film. And, I recently learned that, as is Pixar tradition, there will be an original short film as one of the bonus materials when WALL-E hits DVD.

The original short film will be called BURN-E, and it tells the tale of Burn-E. See, in the film, Burn-E is this little welding robot that gets locked outside of the spaceship. And his short film is all about his adventures trying to get back inside.

Speaking of Pixar short films, in my Wall-E review, I forgot to mention Pixar's latest short film that runs before it, Presto, which is about a magician engaging in a battle of wits with his rabbit. It's just freakin' hilarious, full of great slapstick humour.

And as a great geek-out moment, it started off with the classic title graphics that start all of Disney's classic animated shorts. Nice touch.

And today, I made my first purchase on iTunes.

I broke down and I bought ROAR!, aka the end credits music from Cloverfield. It was released only on iTunes, and it's still just a spectacular piece of film score.

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