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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Comic Book Logic

Just reflecting on yesterday's post about the classic G.I. Joe cartoon The MASS Device and how the teleportation device was powered by radioactive crystals, heavy water from the bottom of the ocean, and a meteorite floating in a pool of lava in a volcano.

It reminded me from what of my favourite jokes from a Ninja Turtles comic when I was a kid. In the future, Donatello decided to build a time machine. The first one was to be powered by a cold fusion generator, but Donatello's design was flawed and it self-destructed as soon as he turned it on. For his second time machine, he decided to power it with artifacts that had an unnaturally high amount of energy in them. Such artifacts included the corpse of the alien that crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico and Hitler's brain. Yeah...the Ninja Turtles comic could get weird....

Anyway, this second time machine was promptly stolen by future-Shredder who was using it to assist his past self. The Future-Turtles built a third time machine, and came back in time to help their younger selves. And I'll never forget future-Donatello as he finished telling the tale of the three time machines he built.

Present Donatello>> Wait a minute. How are you powering this third time machine?

Future-Donatello>> I just plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. I'm going to hate to see the power bill next month....

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