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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Finest Things in Life: Weird Al and Batman


We're getting a new "Weird Al" Yankovic single next week!

All throughout his last tour, Weird Al would say that, with his next album, he was considering persuing alternate forms of distribution. His idea was that he could release his parodies to iTunes as soon as they're ready, so that way they're still fresh and current and not a year behind by the time his full album comes out.

Well, Weird Al announced on his MySpace page that he's ready to give this a shot. He just finished recording the first parody for his new album, and he's releasing it as a single on Tuesday! October 7! It'll be available on iTunes exclusivly for the first 2 weeks, and then be released to all other website where you can buy MP3s.

Weird Al isn't saying yet what his parody is called or what it's a parody of...just that it's a parody of a song "that was recently #1...it may even still be #1."

We'll know what it is on Tuesday.

And hey! The biggest movie of the summer is coming out on DVD in time for Christmas!

The Dark Knight will be unleashed on DVD on December 9. There'll be three version: single disc, 2-disc special edition, and 2-disc Blu-Ray edition. The breakdown is like this.

Single Disc
Just the movie. No bonus features.

2-disc Special Edition
- The movie
- the documentary Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene
- The Dark Knight IMAX Scenes, where you can watch all the scenes filmed in IMAX in their proper aspet ratio.
- 6 episodes of the fake news program Gotham Tonight
- movie poster galleries and behind-the-scenes photographs.
- a digital copy of the film.

2-disc Blu-Ray Edition
Everything mentioned above, plus....
- Batman Tech: the Incredible Gadgest and Tools featurette
- Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight featurette
- MORE galleries, such as concept art and the Joker's cards
- the trailers and TV spots

So, yeah! If you're feeling like getting me a Blu-Ray player for Christmas, this'll make a nifty first title.

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