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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fighting Voter Apathy

Well, here it is, the big election night. I've got the TV tuned to the CBC, and they're already predicting another Conservative government. The only question now is minority or majority. In my home riding of Fort McMurray--Athabasca, they're already declaring a victory for the Conservatives.

Needless to say, I'm kind of enjoying it this year. I'm at home, in my jammies, watching the coverage on TV. The past couple of elections -- the municipal one and the provincial one -- I've been down at the station, covering things live and broadcasting results as soon as they're known. A good portion of me is relieved that I'm not doing that anymore.

Now, in the past, I ran across a couple of people who proudly told me that they refuse to vote. Their reason? "No one worth voting for." A common debate on our system is whether you vote for the person or the leader. Well, these people are choosing neither.

So then, may I make this humble suggestion? Why not vote for the party?

Did you know that political parties get federal funding? It's true! If the party gets more than 2% of the popular vote, then they get $1.75 for every ballot cast for them. It came to light around two or three federal elections ago, when the Green Party was finally on the cusp of breaking 2%.

So I suggest you ask yourself which party is most worthy of your donation of $1.75? Is there a party that you think is feisty and earned your $1.75? Then vote for them!!

And another thing too...look to see if there are any fringe parties in your riding. Communist Party? Marijuana Party? Natural Law Party? Don't you think that candidate would be tickled pink if they actually got a vote cast for them?

So, if you think there's no one worth voting for, I suggest casting your ballot for a fringe party! If you believe your vote to be wasted, then why not use it to make a Marxist-Leninist candidate's day?

I dunno...I'm just being silly. My point is, VOTE!

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