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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Money for Milk Jugs

A long time ago, when I worked at that wretched hive of scum and villany known as Extra Foods, my co-workers and I quite frequently pondered this question.

and that is, how come you can't take your plastic milk jugs to the bottle depot and get money back for them?

It's a question I still find myself pondering, especially here in Athabasca, where the place you take your milk jugs to be recycled is up at the bottle depot. I toss my milk jugs in the big recycle bin out front, and then head inside to drop off my empty bottles and get me some comic book money.

Well, I guess the provincial government must have heard me.

One of the coolest things about my former job as the news hound is that I still get all the provincial government news releases in my inbox. And today, the government announced that Alberta will become the first province in the nation where you'll be able to take your milk containers to the bottle depot and get your money back.

Along with this, the deposits you have to pay are going up. It'll now cost you a dime for a container less than a litre, and a quarter for those a litre or more.

That means you'll have to pay a quarter deposit on a milk jug, but you'll get a quarter back!

You can start taking your milk jugs to the bottle depot on June 1, 2009.

Here's the official government news release.

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