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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ahh, summer. Most cable channels I get trot out a whole variety of "new" summer reruns. This has allowed me to catch up on one of my favourite shows when I was kid, Danger Bay.

Who else remembers Danger Bay? A rather popular show on the CBC in the late 1980s, Danger Bay embodies everything you know and love about low-budget Canadian action shows. Bad dialgoue...wooden acting...2-dimensional plots...man I love it!

For those who have absolutly no memory of this show, let me fill you in. Danger Bay followed the adventures of Dr. Grant Roberts, a veterinarian at the Vancouver Aquarium. He had a multitude of adventures on the BC coast, such as going on undersea expeditions, battling poachers and eco-terrorists, halting smugglers, and, of course, healing sick animals. He was also a single dad, raising two kids, while he romanced hot female bush pilots.

Of course, I appreciate the show on a whole new level now because I've actually been to Vancouver. When I went out there to visit some friends almost four years ago, that was pretty much the only thing on my list: see the Vancouver Aquarium. "We don't even need to go inside," I told them. "All I need to do is see that killer whale statue/fountain that they have out front." What can I say? That killer whale state/fountain was used in every establishing shot of the aquarium on Danger Bay, and, to me, it was the ultimate symbol of Vancouver.

So, we went. I saw the statue/fountain, and I totally geeked out. "Oh my God! Here it is, just like on Danger Bay!" I screamed. Mr. Anderson, being a geek after my own heart, smiled and understood what I was going through. Yves, being the lifelong Vancouver resident who'd seen that statue several dozen times, just kind of rolled her eyes and pretended not to know me. Actually, Mr. Anderson revealed he had never seen the show, so while I explained it to him, Yves went on ahead to check out admission prices. It cost more than we had that day, so we didn't go in. And that's OK. Yves told me that the Vancouver Aquarium is a shadow of its former self, ever since the animal rights activists got their way and stopped the killer whale shows in the mid-90s.

but still, I kind of wish I walked up to the information desk and asked, "So, is Dr. Roberts working today?" They probably get that a lot...but not as much as I think.

Man, I can't believe I lost all my pictures from Vancouver.

Guess I have to go back someday.

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