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Monday, June 27, 2005

Today I enjoyed one of those things I've been waiting for.

So, I watch a lot of Disney cartoons, including Lilo and Stitch: the Series. One of the characters on that show is an alien named Pleakly, voiced by former Kids in the Hall star Kevin McDonald.

This morning was the episode featuring the entire cast of Kids in the Hall.

The premise: Pleakly is supposed to go to his home planet for his arranged marriage. Naturally, he doesn't want to go. So, he just lies to his parents and says, "I'm engaged to an Earthling!" This, of course, resulted in Pleakly's whole family coming to Earth for the wedding:

- Scott Thompson was Pleakly's mother
- Mark McKinny was Pleakly's brother
- Bruce McCollough was Pleakly's sister
- Dave Foley was the minister performing the wedding

It was nothing particularly Earth-shattering, but a great in-joke for a guy like me.

Got lots of stuff in the mail today.

First and foremost, got my diploma from NAIT. I'm now a certified radio professional! Now if only someone would believe that enough to hire me....

Secondly, got my brithday present from my sister in Switzerland a full two weeks early! She got me a complete set of Episode III collector's cups, available only at Burger King in Switzerland. Oh, and a few Episode III Swiss Burger King kids meal toys. And some Swiss chocolate.

Lastly, the kind of weird thing. See, I discovered one night that Canada Post has an online store. But, in order to browse through it, you had to register. So I registered and got to browsing. That led to today's mailing from Canada Post. I got their quarterly stamp collector's magazine, their mail order catalogue, and their panphlet "So you want to be a stamp collector." Umm, thanks?

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