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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Cool. I just noticed that Rock & Rule came out on DVD back on Tuesday. It's a movie I've been very curious to see ever since the CBC showed it some 20 years ago and my best friend at the time told me it was "pretty good."

For those who don't care, Rock & Rule came out at the tail end of the "adult animation" trend that was going in throughout the 70s and early 80s. Released in 1983, it was made by our nation's very own Nelvana Animation Studios. It takes place in a post-apocolyptic world, and it's about a very evil rock promoter who's trying to corrupt an angelic young singer into using her voice to summon forth a demon. Because of it's setting, quite a few popular rock groups at the time contributed to the soundtrack, making it a curio to rock afficianados as well.

The DVD is out in two version: a single disc movie-only version, and a 2-disc super special edition. The 2-disc super special edition includes (I love this phrasing) the "uncut Canadian version." Seems that, for the Yankees, they re-dubbed some of the voice actors and re-edited/changed the ending a bit.

Oh, and I must include at least one useless trivia fact. The angelic young singer is voiced by Canadian voice actress Susan Roman. She first rose to fame as the voice of Melissa Racoon, but her most famous role is probably the voice of Lita/Sailor Jupiter in the North American Sailor Moon dubs.

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