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Friday, June 03, 2005

There is joy in this house again. The whole house has high speed Internet. I can sleep in peace tonight.

On a very different subject, have I mentioned how much I really, really, really, really like Justice League Unlimited? It's just one of the greatest cartoons on TV right now. What makes it so great? Read on....

When Justice League first premiered, they were doing one-hour episodes; very uncoventional for a cartoon. When they were renewed for a third season, they were given two conditions: lay off the one hour episodes, and "re-brand" the show. They "re-branded" by bringing in a buttload of other superheroes and making the show Unlimited. And they got around the "no one-hour episodes" condition by adopting a very popular TV technique these days: the multi-episode "mythology" story arc.

Justice League Unlimited's mythology revolves around a shadowy government organization called "Cadmus." Cadmus is the line of defence should the Justice League ever snap and try to take over the world. Hey, a lot of people are nervous about damn near every superhero hanging out together in an armed-to-the-nuts space station. Cadmus provides a feeling of...safety. They are the ones who watch the watchers.

Cadmus was always shadowy and evil before, but became even more so once Lex Luthor got involved. Now, Cadmus seeks to disgrace the Justice League, and then lead a massive superhero purge.

So far, they've been doing very good at disgracing the Justice League. Cadmus is behind Lex Luthor's bid for the presidency, and the thought of President Lex Luthor is making Superman paranoid and trigger-happy.

And now, the poop is hitting the fan. An all-out Cadmus vs. the Justice League war is breaking out in a massive story arc that'll lead to the end of the series.

Exciting times.

Oh, and the best news of all today! I finally got my hands on some of those VE Day commemerative nickles! I'm commemerative coin crazy!

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