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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blue Thunder on DVD

I feel like I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to mention what came out on DVD today.

I've quite frequently blogged that one of my favourite aspects of DVD is "The Complete Series." Every TV show that you loved, but only lasted a dozen episodes, seems to get released in a 3-disc super-special edition.

And, for every well-known dead TV show that comes out (eg Firefly), there's one that makes you go, "HOLY MOLY! I forgot this existed!"

Today's release falls in that latter category.

Today, it was the release of Blue Thunder: The Complete Series.

This short-lived TV show lasted only 11 episodes in the mid-1980s. It was based on the Roy Scheider movie of the same name.

The premise: a squad of of super-elite helicopter pilots work for the LAPD. Their aircraft: Blue Thunder, a super, hi-tech, armed-to-the-nuts attack helicopter, which they use to fight crime in the skies over LA.

The original movie was a fairly taught consipracy thriller. The TV show evolved into a thinly-veiled knock-off of that other show from the 1980s about a super-advanced attack helicopter, Airwolf.

I have very cloudy memories of this show.

I can't believe they released this. I just might buy it out of curiousity.

But the question remains: why does this get released when we're still waiting for Andy Richter Controls the Universe?

Blue Thunder...KITT...Airwolf...the A-Team's van...Magnum PI's Ferarri...that Lambroghini from Miami Vice...the General Lee...Mom was right. Action shows in the 1980s were all about the vehicles.

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