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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Star Trek: The Original Series - Special Edition

Wow. One of those trekkie wet dreams is coming true.

Ever since that episode of DS9 where Sisko and crew went back in time into The Trouble with Tribbles, and nerds were treated to a CGI original series Enterprise, trekkies have had a common dream.

"Wouldn't it be cool if they did, like, a special edition of the original series? And they updated all the special effects with today's technology?"


It was officially announced yesterday that Paramount Pictures has been in the midst of digitally remastering the original series, with the ultimate goal of re-releasing it in high definition.

And, in their re-mastering process, all the special effects have been updated. Check out this brand new, CGI rendered Enterprise that'll be in all the episodes.

And updating all the space shots isn't the only thing. Every time they look out the main viewer to see a planet in space? New CGI shot. Every time they beam down to an alien planet? Brand new digital mattes, complete with rolling clouds and dozens of computer animated extras.

Along with this, they're completely remaking the opening credits sequence. Creating a new orchestral version of the opening theme. Computer animating the whole thing.

And it's all going to be in glorious high definition.

And the best thing? It's not going straight to DVD. It'll be on TV! Where you can watch it for free!

It debuts in syndication on the week of September 16. Check your TV listings for when and where.

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