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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Most Insane Movie Ever Made

Tonight, I finally rented and watched the most insane movie ever made.

Godzilla: Final Wars

Let me once again fill you in on the backstory. 2004 was the 50th anniversary of Godzilla. Toho Studios (the movie studio that owns Godzilla) also decided to give Godzilla break for a few years. So, they decided to go out with a bang. They signed who is regarded as the best action film director in Japan, Ryuhei Kitamura, and the end product was the longest and most expensive Godzilla movie ever made: Final Wars.

The plot: Godzilla is finally defeated! Entombed in ice in Antarctica. Before you know it, giant monsters are running amok all over the world. And then, aliens appear and subdue the monsters. Of course, the aliens turn out to be manevolent, and they unleash the monsters as part of their invasion plan! Outgunned, out numbered, and without hope, the last surviving humans know they have only once chance: resurrect Godzilla.

Now, what makes this insane? You know how in a typical Godzilla movie, the humans spend all their screen time sitting around wondering how to quell the giant monsters? Well, in this movie, instead of sitting around, you get car chases and totally insane martial arts action. And then, as the climax nears, the humans starting going through rip offs of Star Wars and The Matrix.

Rip offs of Star Wars and The Matrix in the middle of a Godzilla movie.

Again, like the final seasons of Teen Titans and Justice League, the whole attitude was, "This is the last one, so forget plot! Let's just throw in all the cool shit we want to see."

There's even a swaggering American who weilds a katana and talks like John Wayne. In a movie like this, I believe that's called "the kitchen sink."

It...it has to be seen to be believed.

Rent Godzilla: Final Wars. You will not be disappointed.

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