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Monday, August 07, 2006

Feeding the Addiction

Well, I was blessed with having the holiday Monday off, so I went down to Edmonton and foolishly spent lots of money on more DVDs. What did I get?

V for Vendetta - Naturally. Book was better, but it's still a pretty good film. I got the limited, 2-disc special edition, naturally. As an Easter egg, they've got that gangsta rap music video that Natalie Portman did on Saturday Night Live. As many websites have lamented, is it really an Easter egg if they advertise it as one of the bonus features?

Jack of All Trades: The Complete Series - Oh...my...God. This is one of the funniest TV shows ever made. The year is 1801. Jack Stiles is the best secret agent in the USA. For his latest mission, Jack is sent to the South Pacific island of Palau Palau. His current mission: foil the plans of the French governor, and thus slow Napoleon's advance across the globe. He does this by donning the guise of a Zorro-like crusader called the Daring Dragoon. He is aided in his mission by super-sexy British spy Emilia Rothschilde.

The history of the show: The year was 2000. That relic of the 1990s, Hercules: The Legendary Journies, had just gone off the air. Universal Studios asked the executive producer of Hercules, Sam Raimi (yes, the director of the Spider-Man movies), to cook up a replacement. Raimi came up with the back-to-back action hour: two, half-hour action shows. The first one was the campy sci-fi epic Cleopatra 2525. The second one was Jack of All Trades, a vehicle for Raimi's old friend Bruce Campbell. Campbell, of course, plays Jack Stiles.

And seriously, it's Campbell who makes the show what it is.

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